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Box 3


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Campbell, Ben, 1921

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 1

Campbell, Edmund D., 1995-12-13

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

Obituary found in the News-Gazette about Edmund Campbell, a Washington and Lee graduate and attorney who worked on various cases concerning desegregation of Virginia schools.

Dates: 1995-12-13

Campbell, Henry Donald , 1934 - 1935

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents

File includes a biography excerpt from "Who's Who in America" and an obituary by the Lexington Gazette.

Dates: 1934 - 1935

Campbell, John L., 1867 - 1886

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents

File includes an obituary of John Lyle Campbell Sr. by the Lexington Gazette, a biography writtten by his son Robert Fishburne Campbell, and copies of letters between Robert E. Lee and Prof. Campbell as well as T.J. Jackson and Prof. Campbell.

Dates: 1867 - 1886

Canfield, Verne, 1995

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

File includes article "Coach Nears End of Not-So-Typical Career: Washington and Lee's Canfield Prepares for Life After 31 Years of Generals' Basketball," and a Roanoke Times article named " 'I Hope I've Touched Some Lives.' "

Dates: 1995

Carrick, Samuel Czar

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 6

Dodson, Ryland, 2000-09

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 36
Scope and Contents

Articled titled "Judge Ryland Dodson Remembers Early 20th Century Tobacco Farming," September 2000.

Dates: 2000-09

Drake, G. Francis, 2005

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 37
Scope and Contents

File contains e-mail message distributed by the Broadcast Mailer at Washington and Lee on the death of Francis Drake.

Dates: 2005

Caudill, Charles, 1994-02

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 10

Chamberlain, George Earle, 1909 - 1911

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents

Folder includes biography and copies of two letters from Theofore Roosevelt, one concerning a memorial to Robert E. Lee and the other one concerning Chamberlain's son.

Dates: 1909 - 1911

Chavis, John

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents

Folder contains at least twenty eight separate items concerning John Chavis, from articles, portraits, letters, records, to research papers concerning his role in Washington and Lee Lee as well as African American history. Also included are the W&L Alumni magazine artices, "Chavis House named," March/April 1986 and "Chavis House dedicated," November/December 1986.

Dates: 1700 - 2018

Cline, Patsy, 1940

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 18
Scope and Contents

File includes an article titled Honor Rolls," a set of photographs, and a pamphlet commemorating her life and work.

Dates: 1940

Cocke, Lucian H. , 1927

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 19

Crittenden, John Jordan, 2001

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 24
Scope and Contents

The file includes a biography by the American National Biography Online.

Dates: 2001

Custis, Daniel Parke, 1909-10

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 25
Scope and Contents

File includes a photocopied catalogue of the Library of Daniel Parke Custis: From a Manuscript in the Collection of the Virginia Historical Society, "The Magazine of History and Biography," October 1909, pages 404-412.

Dates: 1909-10

Custis, John Parke, 1927-10

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 26
Scope and Contents

The Library of John Parke Custis, Esq., of Fairfax County, Virginia, "Tyler's Quarterly," October 1927, pages 97-103.

Dates: 1927-10

Dale, Rebecca, 2002

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents

File includes a greeting card made by the Artists of the Lexington, Virginia Note Card Series, 2002.

Dates: 2002

Daniels, Jonathan M. , 2006-03-26

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 28
Scope and Contents

The file includes a program in memory of Daniels, hosted at Robert E. Lee Memorial Church.

Dates: 2006-03-26