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American Civil War (United States : 1861-1865)

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Found in 131 Collections and/or Records:

M. H. Achord American Civil War Reminiscences Collection

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0474
Scope and Contents

Collection contains mainly correspondence about American civil war historical matters as well as a typed copy of a muster roll of the Colyell Guards (Company G., 9th Louisiana Infantry, Livingston Parrish), which were commanded by Captain J.S. Gardner, and a newspaper clipping.

Dates: Inclusive 1926-1927

Mansfield Lovell to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-13

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 59
Scope and Contents This letter by Mansfield Lovell is addressed to Robert E. Lee. Having heard that Lee is writing a history of the American Civil War, Lovell offers a list of documents from Confederate officers in his possession for Lee's review. Mansfield notes documents taken by the Joint Congressional Committee on the affairs of the Confederate Naval Department and correspondence between the Confederate War Department and General Lafayette McLaws concerning the surrender of New Orleans, Louisiana to Union...
Dates: 1866-05-13

McFarland Family Papers

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0384

Michael Reid Hanger Diary

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0173
Scope and Contents This typescript of a diary by Private Michael Reid Hanger of the Rockbridge Rifles, which was part of the 4th, 5th, and 27th Virginia Infantry regiments at different times during the American Civil War, includes descriptions of military action within the Shenandoah Valley and Fairfax County, as well as the First Battle of Bull Run. Stonewall Jackson, Rockbridge County citizen and soldier James K. Edmondson, and several Washington College alumni are mentioned. Text of the diary is...
Dates: Inclusive 1861

Notebook - William Allan's "Memoranda of a Conversation with Robert E. Lee", 1868-02-16 - 1870-02-19, 1886-11

 File — Box 13, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Between February 1868 and February 1870 Washington College professor and former Confederate Ordinance officer, William Allan, had five conversations with college president Robert E. Lee which he manually recorded in this memo book which he titled “Conversations with Gen. R. E. Lee”. Soon after each conversation, Allan described retreating to his office to record the highlights. In 1886, former Washington College Clerk of faculty and Librarian, Edward Clifford "E.C." Gordon shared with...
Dates: 1868-02-16 - 1870-02-19; 1886-11

Otho Scott Lee Memoir

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0040
Scope and Contents

This collection is a photocopy of a memoir by Otho Scott Lee of his first year of service in the American Civil War 1861-1862, with the First Virginia Cavalry, under the command of General J.E.B. Stuart.

Dates: 1861 - 1962

Pamphlet with sketches of Phi Kappa Psi Brothers from Washington and Lee who served in the American Civil War, 2005-09

Scope and Contents

This pamphlet contains information on the 30 Virginia Betas who fought in the American Civil War. It was compiled by Craig T. Monroe, W&L Class of 1987.

Dates: 2005-09

Photo of a Commemorative Plaque Depicting Charles Francis Adams, Jr.

Identifier: WLU-Coll-PP-0078
Scope and Contents A photograph of a bronze plaque created by Edward Field Sanford in 1916. The plaque reads, "Charles Francis Adams - Presented by Southern Men in Appreciation of his Friendship for the South and his Noble Tribute to Robert E. Lee." Adams was the son of John Quincy Adams and served as an officer in the Massachusetts Cavalry of the Union army during the American Civil War. Adams gave the keynote address of the Robert E. Lee Centennial Celebration at Washington and Lee University on January 19,...
Dates: 1916 - 1950

Poague Family Agricultural Account Book and Slave Register

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0476
Scope and Contents This account book documents agricultural operations for a southern Rockbridge County farmer between April 1863 and June 1867. The compiler is possibly Johnathan Poague, whose son, John William Poague, signed the book on the inside front cover. John William Poague attended Washington College in 1868 for one year. Contents include expenditures and receipts for day to day farm operations, crop production numbers, and diary - like entries. Contents of specific note include a registry of names of...
Dates: Inclusive 1861-1867; Majority of material found within Bulk 1863-1867

R. Thompson to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-15

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 60
Scope and Contents

This letter by R. Thompson is addressed to Robert E. Lee. Thompson offers to publish a British edition of Lee's planned book on the American Civil War. Lee never wrote the book.

Dates: 1866-05-15

Randolph T. Shields Collection

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0243
Scope and Contents

This collection includes American Civil War recollections of Shields' maternal grandfather, Coupland Randolph Page, including his service with the Liberty Hall Volunteers, the Stonewall Brigade, and the Battle of Gettysburg. In addition, papers contain significant documents about members of the Tucker family, including John Randolph Tucker and Judge Henry St. George Tucker.

Dates: Inclusive 1862-1920

Rev. Robert S. Clark to Robert E. Lee, 1866-04-10

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 53
Scope and Contents

Reverend Robert S. Clark asks for the rights to sell Lee's proposed history of the American Civil War throughout Mississippi. The letter includes five signatures of references for Reverend Clark - some of whom identify themselves as former Confederate soldiers and one, George Paul Turner, the editor of the "National Star" newspaper of Mississippi.

Dates: 1866-04-10

Robert E. Lee Papers

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0064
Scope and Contents This collection contains primary and secondary resources pertaining to Robert E. Lee and the Lee family. Included are correspondences from, to, and about Lee and various family members; memorabilia, pamphlets, photographs, reminiscences, miscellaneous personal papers, family history and genealogy. The collection includes materials acquired from the Lee family and items donated to and purchased and compiled by W&L University since Lee's tenure as president of Washington College from 1865...
Dates: Inclusive 1792-1935; Majority of material found within 1833 - 1870

Robert E. Lee to Jefferson Davis, 1864-04-15

 File — Box 2: [Barcode: 0000003974], Folder: 85

General Lee discusses general strategy, particularly in defense of Richmond, Virginia.

Dates: 1864-04-15

Robert E. Lee to Winfield Scott, 1861-04-20

 File — Box 1: [Barcode: 0000003921], Folder: 46

Robert E. Lee resigns from the United States Army, attributing it to the necessity of protecting his home state.

Dates: 1861-04-20

Robert H. Chilton letter

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0431
Scope and Contents

In this letter Robert H. Chilton seeks employment after the conclusion of the American Civil War. He mentions his previous employment as the Chief of Staff in Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. The recipient of the letter is unknown.

Dates: 1865-05-13

Robert Hanson Fleming Diary

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0073
Scope and Contents

His diary describes Fleming's flight to Augusta, Ga. after the fall of Richmond, guarding the specie of the Confederate treasury. There is also a furlough permit, May 2, 1865, signed by Commandant William H. Parker.

Dates: Inclusive Mar. 28-May 16, 1865

Robert Lewis Dabney to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-14

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 59
Scope and Contents

This letter by Robert Lewis Dabney is addressed to Robert E. Lee. Dabney writes that an advertisement of his Stonewall Jackson biography gives credit of Lee's review and revisions to the publisher instead. He explains to Lee that the publisher decided to do this, not him.

Dates: 1866-05-14

Robert V. Richardson to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-02

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 57
Scope and Contents

This letter by Robert Vinkler Richardson is for Robert E. Lee. Richardson is trying to establish foreign investment in the southern American cotton industry. His letter is written on a circular sent out to different cotton planters.

Dates: 1866-05-02

Rockbridge County Records

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0067
Scope and Contents

This collection includes Rockbridge County records, including tax lists, ordinary licenses, muster rolls, lists of slaves, court cases, and election polls.

Dates: Inclusive 1778-1912

S. J. Henderson to Robert E. Lee, 1866-03-27

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 50
Scope and Contents

This letter to Robert E. Lee is from S. J. Henderson. Henderson and Judge Charles Lewis McConnell have heard Lee plans to write a book on the American Civil War. Henderson and McConnell ask to have publishing agency in Kentucky for Lee's book.

Dates: 1866-03-27

Sallie White Bruce Manuscript

Identifier: WLU-Coll-0426
Scope and Contents

This manuscript is a memoir by Sallie White Bruce about her family's life in the Lexington area during the American Civil War and their involvement with Washington College. It references Hunter's Raid in 1864.

Dates: Inclusive 1940s

Sam Beach Jones to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-15

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 60
Scope and Contents

This letter by the Reverend Samuel Beach Jones is addressed to Robert E. Lee. In the letter, Jones mentions locating artwork and possibly a book possibly removed Arlington House during the war. The book he mentions was inscribed to Charles A. Atkinson. Jones offers to fund raise for Washington College.

Dates: 1866-05-15

Sargent, Wilson & Hinkle to Robert E. Lee, 1866-03-31

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 50
Scope and Contents

This letter to Robert E. Lee is from the book publisher Sargent, Wilson and Hinkle. This letter asks Lee for his approval of McGuffey Eclectic Readers books on the American Civil War.

Dates: 1866-03-31

Simon Bolivar Buckner to Robert E. Lee, 1866-05-05

 Item — Box 7A, Folder: 58
Scope and Contents

This letter by Simon Bolivar Buckner is addressed to Robert E. Lee. Buckner introduces a student of Washington College he knows, J. Esten Cooke, Jr. Buckner also tells Lee that he is currently in New Orleans working as an editor for a paper.

Dates: 1866-05-05